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Major methods and topics

  1. Diet Cleanup: Clark said that food and supplements were sullied by contaminants such as heavy metals, byproducts in manufacturing, residue and mold.

  2. Homeography: According to Clark, a "new science ... which is the electronic analog of homeopathy." She said an electronic signature of a substance can be transferred into bottles making a "bottle copy" of the original substance and that it can be done indefinitely.

  3. Liver flush: She advocated the use of a 'liver flush'. She said it removes gallstones and parasites from the liver and bile ducts. This involves fasting, epsom salt laxatives and a mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice.

  4. Parasites: Clark said people have parasites that cause numerous problems. She described herbal and electronic methods to remove them, such as her Zapper device (see below).
    Syncrometer: A "bioresonance" device developed by Clark and claimed to detect contaminants in substances up to one part per trillion.

  5. Zapper: A device thought to pulse low voltage DC current through the body at specific frequencies. Clark said this device kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. In one case, a patient with a cardiac pacemaker suffered arrhythmias because of interference from the "Zapper."

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